no website is any good without a bunch of links to click!

Personal Uploads / the only publicly accessible pages with my creations/memories/etc...

my music

my artwork

photo album

Web Building Resources / I use all of these sites in order to optimize website personalization, whether it be on here or on sites with stricter requirements of some sort.

1001 Fonts / seamless, beautiful, free portable network graphic fonts with no watermark

EZGIF / create, edit, and optimize GIFs

Fancy Text Generator / this isn't useful for HTML sites but you can add a cool touch to your instagram bio or something with this lovely converter

Guestbook / one your page is ready, featuring a guestbook is a lovely way to allow your visitors to comment on your site

Graphics / these are my favourite places to find graphics

* Bonnibel's Graphic Collection

* Citronella Candel's Graphic Collection

* The Doll Palace

* Engram Pixel

* GifCities

* Museum of Web Art

* Victoria's Graphic Collection

* WHiMSiCAL Pixel Art

* Yume Studio

Poll Maker / create, customize, and embed polls

Random Choice Generator / this isn't necessarily a website-building tool but it fits in somehow I suppose. sometimes you just can't pick...something!

Real-time HTML Editor / watch as your website comes to life by immediately seeing any adjustments made in the code!!! I find this very useful when Neocities is lagging

TinyPNG / reduce the size of a PNG without losing transparecy or compromising its quality -- it's magical!

Websites I Love / this one is the broadest of all the categories which is why you see all the subcategories here... the more it expands the sooner I will make seperate pages for these subcats <3


* Dead Journal / this is the coziest journaling site on the web. I have 5 freebie codes for anybody who wants to claim them!

* Dreamwidth Studios / another cozy early-internet journal site, this time specifically for sharing creative projects

* Peach / itty bitty, adorable, dead app I used on a daily basis throughout 2016-2017

* RateYourMusic / this is the best website ever! rate almost any musical and cinematic release that exists, create lists, and join an active community of likeminded people


* Moth Identification Guide / turn on your porchlight tonight and if you don't have a handbook, use this site to discover who's paying your precious lanterns a visit!

* MycoKeys / an interactive fungus identifier in case you go mushroom picking and want to make some stew that night

* MyWildflowers / identify a pretty wildflower you saw and then impress others with your knowledge


* Facade / virtual spiritual resources; "Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Biorhythms, Numerology," and more

* The Haunted ChaCha / ghost stories and other paranormal anecdotes

* Kindred Games / RPG website with basic info about cryptids and fantasy creatures

* Halloween Haunt / learn about the history of Halloween and read through lots of other clickable links

* La Grimorium Neo Classic / satanism and other demonic media makes me extremely uncomfortable but this is a fascinating source nontheless

* A Letter from the Devil / if you need some spiritual/moral shock, read this nauseating webpage. the worst part is the source site, a Christian one, was never archived

* Occultopedia / it's all in the name <3

* Peoria Area Paranormal Society / this is perhaps my favourite site -- it has everything, please take a look

* Wenzi / plug this story into a translator to read about the greatest haunting documented in Hong Kong

* Where Ghosts Do Dwell / ghost stories (and all things ghostly)

Gaming Resources

* ACNL Save Editor / landscape your Animal Crossing: New Leaf village, and if you fancy cheating, change your villagers and hack items too!

* Animal Forest / the official Nintendo website with Animal Forest/Animal Crossing for the Gamecube villager profiles

* MoriDB / Animal Crossing item database

* Ushi No Tane / everything you'd ever need to know about every Harvest Moon game ever made (yes, this includes spinoffs!!!)

Geocities + Neocities / people on this site are so creative. I'm always browsing for more so keep your eye on this section...

* Aolteen's Website

* Admire My Cage

* Cage Rules

* Cherrychan's Superdimensional Anime Shrine

* Diabla's Black Lodge

* Dream Spirit

* D3moniQ'z Website

* Elizabeth's Doll Haven

* Flavia's Website

* Hello Kitty and Friends

* Kimberly's Place

* Kristy's Just About Anything Website

* Mew Mew a la Mode

* Mi Casa Es Su Casa

* Monchhichi Forever by Kenneth

* MyMelodyTea

* Nicolas Cage Zone

* The Reel World

* Silverghost

* Tokyo Mew Mew Power

* Who Are You?


* GoToQuiz / all the y2k quizzes imaginable (you can also make your own!)

* Hamster Cage / adopt a hamham<3

* Kao-Ani / simply a collection of cute images and other virtual goodies

* Textfiles / e-zines mastersite

* Wayback Machine / internet time machine

Last updated February 2nd, 2020.